Climbing Chalk Ball – 56g (Refillable)

R 60.00

The Ultimate Performance Climbing Chalk Ball allows you to apply chalk direct to the hands whilst keeping excess powder to a minimum.

Provides excellent grip for all types of sports such as climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, tennis and cross fit.

Filled with the Ultimate Performance Chalk which is made from the highest quality natural carbonate of magnesia.  NO unhealthy drying agents or additives.

Less mess – perfect for use in gyms or cross fit sessions where you need to apply a light covering of chalk.

Easier to transport and apply – small size fits easily into gym bags

Refillable Chalk Ball 56g


  • 56g refillable ball
  • no additive or drying agents
  • made from high quality natural carbonate of magnesia


Keep the hands dry.  Dab ball onto hands, allowing chalk to cover the palms and fingers.

Ingredients: magnesium carbonate

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